APRS in the majority of the N. Yorkshire National Park is banned due to a licence restriction which prohibits its use on 144.800 MHz within 50 Km of GCQH on Irton Moor. In 2021 Ofcom approved an NoV to allow the installation of a 70cm RX only iGate near Osgodby & Eastfield.

The callsign is MB7RWV and it monitors 433.800 MHz at 1200 bps for APRS packets. I hope the new RX only iGate will be of use to all amateur stations in and around the North Riding Forest and North Yorkshire National Park area, both as a safety fall back and as a TX testing facility for 70cm stations.

Image source https://www.thersgb.org/services/licence-map/schedule-2.htm See the RSGB website here or check schedule 2 of your Amateur Radio License for further information about the APRS (and other) restrictions in and around the Irton Moor GCHQ site.

MB7RWV Coverage

The proposed coverage is approximately 10 miles around Eastfield which would take in as far as Dalby Forest to the West, Ravenscar to the North and Flamborough to the South. This coverage is based on my calculation of 3-5 Watts of HT mobile power being used to beacon your location via APRS on 433.800 MHz.

In reality, the reception area could extend much further. Below is a calculation provided by RadioMobile propagation software for the reciprocal transmission path from the RX site using 5w and a HT at 2m

Coverage to the West is the most important requirement for the RX irate as it encompasses the target area of the N. Yorkshire National Park. A modest 5w transmitter with an antenna at 2m height can expect to access the iGate as depicted.
Above a wider area view with expected reception coverage of MB7RWV RX only iGate