Welcome to the homepage of the Cross Counties Amateur Radio Club (CCARC). CCARC is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. CCARC has no formal membership structure. It is simply operators across the UK who come together regularly on any mode for the purpose of friendship and support of their hobby. CCARC started from a regular early morning network of regionally separated licensed hams who used ZELLO to connect on Network Radio 00. As time passed, more people joined the small group of regular faces and a small community was formed. With HF propagation being what it is, many found it difficult to work inter-G at suitable times, so digital became the obvious choice. CCARC is an extension of the original network, attempting to take the group out onto radio on a regular basis with the aim of fostering more members and experimentation across the board. We meet regularly on DMR Phoenix/Brandmeister and YSF and have a WhatsApp group. There are no founders, no commitees and there are no rules other than being a licensed amateur operator. All we ask is you keep in mind the values of the group… Friendship – Radio – Respect

On Air Net

We try and meet on Monday @19:00 Local UK time for an informal net. This can change due to the sheer distance between stations and other club commitments etc. Normally net changes are announced on WhatsApp, but it is worth tuning on the CCARC group channels around 7-9pm Mondays. All are welcome from any country.

How to connect to us:

  • YSF GB-CCARC (YSF14561)
  • Echolink 506929 / 2E0WWV-L

Our club ASL node is mostly cross linked to several popular modes including DMR and YSF. You can enter the net via a local 2m Echolink repeater if your repeater supports DTFM linking – but please “DISCONNECT!” on the way out – some keepers will get very angry if you leave the repeater linked to another Echolink node.

New YSF Reflector 14561 GB-CCARC

We now have a YSF reflector YSF14561 which can be accessed via the X button on some radios using the Search feature as GB-CCARC.

New Dashboard links

As time has gone on it has become necessary to update a few things. The reflector is now located on a dedicated url reflector dot 2e0wwv dot net.


YSF: http://reflector.2e0wwv.net:5038

Pi-Star: http://reflector.2e0wwv.net:8080

ASL: http://reflector.2e0wwv.net:5038/allmon2/link.php?nodes=51565

Keeping in touch/News

We have a groups.io forum that we encourage you to join to keep up to date and in contact with other “members” of CCARS. I have started to send out a very small new letter here and there when there is enough material.

Visa the group online here https://groups.io/g/crosscounties or subscribe below.

Social Media

CCARC does not have any social media pages, Facebook or such. The only way to talk to us is on a radio, or via the email reflector on groups io. Some users do communicate on WhatsApp but this is entirely optional.