FT3D Hidden 900 Memories Lockout Unwanted VFO Frequencies When Scanning

The Yaesu FT3 is a great radio with a good Wideband RX. I use it a lot for Airband scanning, but like many scanners and receivers the FT£ suffers from spurious signals which hamper your scanning pleasure.

There are times also when your local area has a signal that just won’t go away and stops the scan every time your VFO scans past. Despair not! The FT3 has a solution in the form of a special memory bank just for the purpose of skipping unwanted VFO frequencies.

The memory channels are 901-999 and are eluded to in the advanced manual (see below courtesy of the Yaesu Manual (c) Yaesu).

Let’s say we are tuning through the Airband VFO band and hit a frequency with some noise or an unwanted carrier transmission. We can press hold F-MW and then save the memory as normal BUT if we save it to ANY of the memory channels 901-999 the FT3 will no longer include that frequency in the VFO SCAN. This essentially makes that frequency invisible to the VFO when scanning through – preventing it stopping on it in the future.

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