Using the Yaesu FT3 for UHF and Military Airband AM mode

Update on using the FT3D for UHF Airband with AM mode. I had recently stated that I was dissapointed the FT3 would not do AM mode in the UHF AB section.

I had read this in a review article by G4VXE Tim Kirby in Radio Enthusiast (PW artclie link included). I was wrong. Tim says : “The only minor disappointment in this regard (in common with many other rigs) was that although the military airband frequencies can be selected, you cannot select AM mode.”

I took this at face value because the FT3 does switch to FM when you enter any frequency in the band.

For example: 231.950 would cause the FT3 to switch to FM in the MODE. Pressing MODE won’t cycle to AM as you would expect and it seems impossible to use AM in any part of the spectrum other than SW and Airband VHF.

BUT there is a way and it is very easy to access.

Just press/hold DISP until the menu appears.

Goto TX/RX –> MODE –> RX MODE –> then set to AM instead of AUTO.

Thats all there is to it.

You can now use the FT3D for UHF Airband in AM mode.



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