pYSFReflector Update

The CCARC YSF Reflector has been running on the excellent G4KLX YSFReflector. However it hasn’t been been without problems for me. The reflector has a lot of issues going offline intermittent, and crashing when stations disconnect. I have been looking at pYSFReflector a python3 alternative and this morning decided to give it a go!

At this time the system is still installing and I will update the page with the process and findings once its all up and running. Currently I am installing Python 3.7.3 on my poor little Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it is taking a long long time.

pYSFReflector claims to have enhanced blocking and muting features including a way to prevent 2 stations over talking (always handy on a cross link).

The python 3.7.3 install went well (if not laborious). pYSFReflector is now installed and running albeit not as a service at this time whilst I test it.

YSFReflector-Registry now correctly lists the version as pYSFReflector 20210606 rather than the previously “unknown” version.

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