Yaesu FT3D Bluetooth Microphone Compatability

So after having my FT3 for a few weeks I decided to mess about with Bluetooth. I tried to hook my FT3 up to a few different devices including a very expensive NEXTAV BTH 500 with no luck at all. After reading a lot of horror stories I decided to take a risk on a very cheap JABRA TALK 5 from Argos here in the UK is £15.99!

I got out into he car park and eagerly fired it up and called out on the Cross Coutines YSF X link and Matt 2E0FVOP came straight back with a 5+9!

YES! Very happy. I later learned that the earpiece ill support both PTT and VOX mode on the FT3 which is awesome! Just “double tap” the side button on the earpiece to lock the PTT. Otherwise VOX was solid and worked very well.

I am very happy to host a list of compatible headsets and earpieces here if anyone finds others let me know here on on FB/Twitter (@softwareguru1)




List of tested compatibles or not

  • JABRA TALK 5 – Works perfect on Digital and FM (Tested by 2E0WWV)
  • JABRA ELITE 65 – Reports of echo on FM? (Needs verification)

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