CCARC on Brandmeister TG23591

CCARC is now experimentally QRV on DMR via Brandmeister TG23591. I say experimentally because it’s not clear of TG23591 is in any regular use by other user groups but so it seems not. BM guidelines here suggest to pick a free un named talk group and start to use it. After 60 days if there is sufficient activity to warrant it, you can apply to register the TG and name it.

BM Guidelines extract below. A few users have agreed to be QRV on 23591 to support new users and we will experiment with using it for regular club network schedules as they can be agreed.

Before making your request, choose an unused talkgroup number and start using it for a few months

In the past we have seen too often someone requesting a TalkGroup name, and once created there was no traffic on it even after a year! This creates the double problem of using up ressources in the database for nothing, and creating the inconvenience for users to select talkgroups from the database list with no one ever present on it. This is why we are now asking that you and the members of the future named talkgroup start using a free talkgroup number (for example the one you will be requesting, so you don’t have to re-do announcements). Configure this talkgroup number in your codeplugs and start using it. After a few months of utilization (USA 31xxx requires a minimum of 60 days), post the request on the BrandMeister Support Portal for the naming. Administrators will check the traffic history database to see how popular the talkgroup is; and make a determination on whether or not to add the name in the database. There is one exception to this rule: if you are requesting a talkgroup for a Radio-Amateur Emergency Group (RACES, ARES, ADRASEC, etc.), provide us with a link to your website organization and we will create the name right away. 

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